Best of 37 years LuC. A.-Lyrics (engl.)

in english words.

The world

The world
The world is a sphere
And balls are round
Tell world are you healthy?

Africa, Asia, America
Australia, Europe
The world
This is the world
As we like it
Tell world are you healthy?

Well sometimes

What does this mean?


So speak world
Are you in good health?

No more.

The street

A man on the street
With the distance
no trees
no flowers
But the street.

way with a double goal
road to where?
street tell me where
can i tell you
where you create me
man tell me why


thirst, thirst, thirst, thirst,
Thirst, thirst, thirst, thirst!

Thirst, thirst, thirst, thirst!

Water, water, water!

No more thirst!
Water, water, water, water!

No thirst!



I like you
do you hear
No, they don’t hear me
Definitely next time.

I really like her
What do you all mean?
Why not?
Say something
Ah, too bad
Next time maybe.

I like you very much
You … me too?
Please say something
answer me
What a pity.

Why not?!
Do not leave me alone,
help me
Please help me
And more attempts
He stays in solitude.

Swivel chair

Tell me chair what are you spinning around?
I’m a swivel chair
Say chair am I too heavy for you?
I’m just a chair

Say chair, why don’t you turn around anymore?
I can not anymore
Chair I was probably too heavy for you?
A new chair!


Too warm
Too hot


Fresh breeze
Too cold


The week

work, work, work, work,
Work, work, Sunday.

Interest, interest, interest, interest, interest, interest, love.

Stress, stress, stress, stress, stress. stress, rest.

For real?
The living
Who says that?
Who invented this?
We people
who can change it

No words

I say nothing
No, I won’t say anything
I’m definitely not saying anything
No nothing
Why should I say anything?
I say nothing, no
You don’t make me speak
I won’t tell you anything
Why should I tell you anything?
What should I tell you?
I have nothing to say to you
I don’t know anything to tell you
I have nothing to say that you want to hear
I’m not telling you what you want to know
I don’t know what to say
I can not say anything
I’m not allowed to say anything
I say nothing

So be quiet.

Oh swimmer

Oh swimmer
Oh swimmers in raven tide
Oh swimmer never lose heart
Oh swimmer, swim well
Oh swimmer you defeat the boat in battle
Oh swimmer don’t freeze in spasm
Oh swimmers in distress
We will weep at your death
But swimmers never lose heart
A new swimmer jumps into the tide for you.


Say tomato, when are you coming out of the earth?
When the rain comes

Say tomato, when will your leaves sprout?
When I’m big enough

Say tomato, when are your flowers blooming?
When the bees come

Say tomato, when will your fruit ripen?
When the sun is shining

Say tomato, when is your end near?
When the sun shines and man comes



After the war

He found the bike on the hill
Where there was no more tree
All about crooked wheels
The floor was burned black
His clothes are only rags
His eyes full of sand
No dreams in mind
His feeling banished from him.
An old man is sitting on the floor
And watch the dead birds
He may be thinking of his loved ones
And therefore never finds rest
He doesn’t feel any heat
Hum no more songs for freedom
Don’t flex your fingers
Does not lift his limbs and his eyes remain empty.
What did you see?
can you recognize
What you haven’t already done wrong today
Do you see the clouds in the sky disappearing?
Can you understand?
No flag flies in the wind anymore
No mother weighs her child anymore
No drum beats the beat anymore
Because the world is finally naked.
Thick smoke floats over the fields
And fire is clearly visible
The red flame swallows the woods
She doesn’t spare any fur mercilessly
Only iron indestructible shines
In the dim sunshine
Lenz remains unforgotten
And should it be the last.
So he strolls through dead streets
grab ghosts by his sleeve
And nowhere does he meet resistance
Only rubble what he found
Can’t you see?
Doesn’t anyone stop?
The last beggar burned to dust
No more dirt in this country.
And you are with your ship
Far up into the unknown
Everything is left behind
Which is never related to you
Nobody knows the alien stars
waiting for you in the distance
But they shine unmatched
And the heart it becomes easy for us.

Never forget !

She kept asking him not to stop
Because his song was so sad
Gave him the courage to destroy it
Which was just a slogan.
The melody made him forget
Understand the old gray day
And he sang obsessively
to see your image in yourself.
And he kept playing
And their children sang along
But it didn’t make her happy
But was a first step.
Power comes from fire
That fades away in red embers
Who makes their own dreams
For whom no miracle comes too late.
And he sat there in silent hope
All the good things didn’t help him
For he only thought of that place
Before the cruel court.
She was always his love
The memory feeling
She kept dying a thousand deaths
His goal was never forgotten.
And he looked up at the sky
And saw the same stars
And saw the same God
And heard her voice in the distance: Genocide.

Brothers, sisters

Say brother what do you think?
say sister
How about you?
Beloved, unrecognized you are spared
Air, with no way out to the bottle
Scent, stale and almost fizzled out
goal without beginning
No leader in sight
wide view
It’s not beautiful
How should it go?
How further to turn?
Shoe, your heel loses its way
dream without content
It’s way too late
System, way too polite
Like surviving
Jump would be so easy
Have often striven for it

Night thought

I lose pity in grief
Seven days lazy to write
I had so much and yet nothing around me
The rain drums on the roof.

I often do far too much theatre
And the worst is
theater in front of myself

No way
No goal
No lust
game only
No luck
No tension
No dream
No chance
No job
No money
No woman
No tent
No power
No courage
no pride
no hat
No friend
No win
Without a look
Only war.

What to say

Eyes that have seen everything
Had to endure everything
That’s why it started at some point
The journey through time
Who asked us?
Do we want to be there?
who told us
where to go
Which of us went with you?
Nobody has yet
Looked in the mirror of time
Not without glasses
Why not?
who dared
Are not suffocated
At the terrible realization!
listen to the music
Listen to the languages of the world
If you don’t see anything.

Gate of thought and storm

Even if it had been dead quiet for a long time
came the storm

It must come
‚Cause it’s brewing
The energy of lightning
Must discharge at this moment
Nothing can stop it
And sometimes it takes sacrifices
It makes its irresistible way
Storms shake the world
And a flood of tears
Drowns all life.

But just as suddenly it’s gone
And you already have after a few
moment the impression
As if it had never been there
Where there was noise, silence returns
Darkness becomes day
A black sky turns to grey
And then transforms
As if by magic to radiant blue
The deluge is drying up
You begin to believe
One dreamed
what really was
is quickly forgotten
And will soon be part of the realm of fantasy
You’re fooling yourself
And you’re happy to do that
The damage goes away
The wounds heal
The storm had never been
The new silence calms
She is the same as always
Wasn’t she always?
Nothing could disturb the silence
nothing can happen
We are fine
Nothing will happen to us
Nothing can happen to us
That won’t happen with us!


I ???

What am I?
how will i
what was i
I am something?
I will have been what?
It took a long time
Can I understand today?
can i understand myself
Am I conscious?
Am I me as I see myself?
How do I see myself?
how do i understand myself
am i my reflection
It changes almost every day
I exist in so many ways and in so many different ways
Which one am I?
Which one do I want to be?
Some of my paintings I don’t want to be
But maybe I’m just below?
do i ever know
What am I?
What is the human in me?
I want to be
do i wanna be me
I want to be like me!
I want to be
I am?

Fingers on the keyboard

Too little time in the year
Too little time for doubts
Too little time for open thoughts
Too little time in me and also around me
But isn’t inspiration necessary to survive?
Which god gives people the power?
Something special to do
To be special
Which people are destined for happiness?
What is it that we think is special?
What does it matter in our world?
Who always finds happiness first?
Who thinks it’s overpowered?
Is it the soldiers who want to fight?
Is it the students who want to know?
Is it the gentlemen who want to rule?
Is it the women who want to give birth?
Is it the bums who want to rest?
Is it the thinkers who want to think?
Is it the mothers who want to educate their children?
Is it the students who don’t want to learn?
Is it the poets who want to write poetry?
Is that everyone who doesn’t want to be named?
Does the happiness we’re looking for exist?
Or is it all just an illusion?
That’s how my fingers are on the keyboard today
But there is still no sign of the solution to the problem.


Who draws faith from love
He draws the strength to exist
But he who braces faith with all his might against reaction
He forgets to love
And at some point it will also forget to exist
People’s quest for power
Causes their longing for protection from the same
How can that be?

Love is

Love is
To be able to
Being able to put yourself in the other person’s position
That’s why I understand
that you understand all things differently than I do
love is too
wanting to understand each other
Even if something seems completely incomprehensible
But love is too
to feel understanding
The warmth arises which gives strength
Love is
When understanding leads to understanding.

Sky trees

Dare your head
carry their own duties
do necessities
Don’t rest on your laurels
find friends
overcome walls
Design together
And preserve nature
Contemplating good things
conquering bad things
Dance in the evening
And sing in the morning
Only speak with reason
And rightly strive for
rediscover the faith
And found new faith
Teach the children progress
Resist blindness
Stretch your head in anticipation
And wake up from the rigidity
Check your goals
Dream all dreams again
And keep scratching
Until the trees finally grow into the sky.

The desire

It’s how it feels
And it feels good
It touches us deeply
Again and again
And consistent
And it takes all courage
It takes us to heaven
It breaks out of us
It awakens our embers
And it turns something off
Our body becomes conscious
We demand with purpose
We understand and we see
And we love the game
We feel through and through
Our loins tremble
A tug in our chest
And mentally floating
We dive into wet touches
We’re dripping with desire
And pass away in sensual feeling
And before we knew it
Let’s find out what pleasure.


We are still alive friends
do you know?
do you feel it
Do you think so?
Side by side like enemies
Don’t ask why
I know and yet I don’t know
Are we that different?
do you live somewhere else
Do you love the fight?
more like me?
I do not believe it
You suffer like me
But you can’t help it
your brand is your face
for you fear weakness as I do
Being strong means being tough on others
And weakness means submission
Is that how people are?
Can man be friend
or just rulers
and subject?
True friends
there is rarely
because friendship
means to be happy for the successes of others
Without envy!
But envy rules the time
Since the beginning
Man knows that
He knows himself
That is why he needs his prophets
and its narrators
So he needs knowledge and hope
But there is equality
without material envy?
Is there recognition and understanding
without the will?
Does man have a head for strife?
friends we live on
beyond our time
more important by our speech,
than through our seed
And more importantly
through our kindness to others,
than by our reputation
I know I can’t do it either
so friends have mercy
Even if it’s just the tiniest glimmer
That’s how it is
true seed of friendship
what you also know
feels and believes forever.

Have no meaning

blood in the head
human madness
What to do with all of that
single track?
Drowned in the maelstrom of events
Let’s drink our own
daily piss
Nothing is better in the 21st century
Fight to the knife
What pulls us out of the swamp?
The whirlpool of dull survival
There is too much hunger for such thoughts elsewhere
But one can be fanatical even without ethical barriers
But we all are
We know the hate
The human curse
The intensity of the feelings
Also love, faith, hope and the
Longing for meaning is human
Selfishness is our undoing
But who can still buy any flower pot with this knowledge?
I know one thing today
I don’t want to be important
The time is over
i know i am small
alone for my world
I always remain the tragically failed hero
But my heart, that’s really pure.

Only humans

Always dead
It comes upon us
Fateful Mistakes
thoughts that die
Children are not spared either
And nobody who lives on Lake Constance either
But we live on
And soon we will forget our grief seems presumptuous
Just what are we supposed to do?
The dead can only rest
But the living must go on living
That’s the way it is.


games of temptation
lure of games
I succumb to vice
It means a lot to me
eternal game
Are you different?
Don’t you also dance for your golden calf?
I feel the addiction
How she bores into my heart
And just like through a baffle
falls my gaze in the real country
We are the children of the games
Our time is wasted
Victories are many in this world
And despair is liberated.


When I’m floating
When I feel like I’m alive
Then it’s pain
Either in the head or in the heart
And the future is clouded
Because time eliminates hope
The rain is getting colder
My beard getting older
But what lives moves
What hopes that is progressing
Imperceptibly at some point
And if I create art
Or gape holes in the air
Everything is being
Everything is love
Even if I screw up so many things
Hence the pain
He brings me sanity
And keeps moving my hand.


Modern creation
Meaningless will
Visitors who gape and don’t grasp anything
Like the monkeys
A few scratches
A few blobs
A random occurrence
One question remains:
Is art just uniqueness?
Is every creation art?
Where are the aesthetics?
No aesthetics far and wide
None to free us from these pseudo-artists.

A city

A city
With many people
that are next to each other
who meet each other
Watching each other
From apartment barracks
On the crowded streets
In cafes
But people live alone
The people stay alone
A city full of life
A city of make-believe and separate ways
Just a short stimulus
Can’t really give me anything
I never want to live like this.

Still peace

Just peace
We hear the callers in the fog of truth
Should we hate them or love them?
What is the truth from this side?
What is the truth from over there?

Just peace
Already we hear the thunder in the fog of lies
Should we die for half truths?
What will our children inherit then?
hate or love?

Because from every side
see your own truth
much truer in the fog.


Through the heads, the fat ones
pull down the walls
Do I want to live with such neighbors?
What is the reason for this madness?
Why can’t people just give love
distrust instead of trust
power versus powerlessness
When something like this happens in front of your own door
How can the world be peaceful then?
But the realization is and could not be more terrible:
Only wars tear down walls!

At the top

When the trees with their crowns rustle,
they just exchange niceties
Because from these clear heights,
can’t you see it anymore
in which morass their old roots stand
And on what poor head their withered leaves fall
you stand there
so unmoved, seduced by your own arrogance
Only at some point, the next hurricane will come.


If you could see the future, would you build differently?
Trust in other things?
So fate brings the unknown
An invisible player pushes our pieces onto unimagined squares
Whatever comes
It’s already waiting for us and wants to make history
Is that sad or more of a laugh?
Somehow there was a feeling beforehand
Something happens, because not much happens
Isn’t it a miracle the human brain?
It’s ticking like a bomb
Something is pondered and sometimes something comes out of it
It’s called hope, we never run out of it.

Colored end

Blue, blue, Baloo
painted brown
GRAY – cruelly lonely
P i n k NO Edelweiss
purple la lu
greenish yes
yellow almost ochre
but the tender pink soul
like an orange…
red red red dead.

Flower song


eye rush

soul glow

Always rekindled

Which blossoms quickly

Has passed quickly

where’s the head

Where is the mind?

Away, far away!

The eyes alone are related to the soul.

Word art

Word for word a place for thoughts

Each letter a work

Each syllable paints a new sound

Every separation plunges us into a thousand pauses.

Word for wordplaying with the sounds

Every line is art

Each dot is a stop sign for creation

Every bulge like a mountain where the tunnel is missing.

Without words

no world

Without world

no heaven

Without light

Only the silent darkness remains for us

That cries out silently for the words.

Cold Salad

A swim
A rowing
Between the saving shores
A direction
a hope
everything is open
My stomach is the most affected by all the doubts
The head denies churning
And my own shadow is looking for the exit in front of the closed wall
Have you found a crack?
Only walls life higher
Only with luck and skill
Getting closer to freedom
And that starts in the head
Or in the stock market?

Unprofitable art

(brotlose Kunst)

they row
they row
On the wide sea
No land in sight
And no light anywhere.

they row
They row back and forth
The birds keep flying
The sun smiles and dries their throats
as if she wanted to torment her.

they row
they row
they row
And then …
let it be
Then just let yourself drift.

We see through you

circle discussion
sign in mind
songs to heaven
paths to infinity
mirror of the past
Vegetables on the wall
In the mind we go the nozzle
But almost too late
Because everything, everything, eventually passes
Even if you hope
Even if you fight over the loot
Even if you mislead yourself
Nothing is true!
All lie
All illusions!
… and we only have to deal with looking through things for the rest of our lives.

Age & time

What can you do
Besides killing the day?
One can rest
and endure the day
Follow a plan, let yourself drift
Or just get older and hate the young.
It’s hard to believe
But youth, it’s over
So you can’t steal them from me anymore
Only with her also all illusions and
Dreaming of the fruits of the tall trees.

What comes next?
What’s the point of life if you don’t ask anymore
Should you surrender?
i need advice
But who can give that
We have forgotten how to talk to each other
We stagger through a silent time
Nowhere are people willing to talk
Only monologues fill the air and maybe the spicy scent of farts.

So what’s left?
You write, write…
until the pen rubs itself in the dust of time.

Love is…

love is

But only you and me
can understand that.


hope is
like your own reflection
appearances are deceptive
in love with yourself
too thick
too long
not rested
until hated
stubbornly on their own trail
often missed
Hope is like yourself
ephemeral like the whole world
and yet the substance
that keeps us alive.


peace in feeling
peace in memory
war in the mind.

What will my children believe?
If I’ve been peaceful all my life
Have done nothing against the war in the world
except to write.

Sometimes flowers and harmless things
Sometimes also from my anger from within.

will they despise me
No, because they will know
that those who write don’t shoot.

peace in the lives of many
Is the beginning of peace for all.

War against war

is the eternal trap of mankind.


Not always nice
Sometimes yes
Gateway to the ON
from life
In the wire
Sometimes hard
And brutal
Totally normal
But at the other end of the world
Doesn’t matter.

Exclusion in German

A wall
behind people
before that people
no more walls today
behind people
before that people
unchanged …

True abyss

even deeper
very deep
No more echoes
No light
No end in sight
But fortunately
just a poem.

What you think

what you think
What thought you give to life
No matter what you believe
Someone always shouts: Not allowed!
Public or private
The comment is always better
that you save.
That’s my advice.


You hardly have to say it
But good words can carry
Evil words, on the other hand, destroy
You don’t need to seal it first.

If you write it
It sticks forever
If you only think about it
it will never happen

Man is so different
But he can love himself
Man is so smart
But he remains a sow!

Whatever happens
How the story continues
For words already written
it’s all too late…

We live and read about ourselves in the mirror
And give ourselves a letter and seal
As a footnote of this earth
Nevertheless, we keep complaining.

Whatever we think and write
We love to suffer.
As a tragic, comic hero
On our only Discworld.


Aren’t we all monkeys?
What is it that infects us?
Infected, indoctrinated
scared or what?
Is it the air?
Is it the proximity
is it the word
spoken, written
Is it the people we love?
He who is without error cast the first stone
My stupidity is great
My hope of healing small.

Chestnut love

you give me happiness
I am thinking of you
Little Brown Hearts
did you collect for me
I hold her
look at her
That was your plan
you bring me luck
back into my life
All my heart
Are you with me
And I think of you.

For a woman

I’m waiting
Is there a noise?
someone comes
My heart knocks wild
If the door is open?
I hope
But footsteps moving away
I’m staying.

I would myself open the door.

Old wars, new wars

When we point the finger
We can in our hearts
don’t hide what happened.

Our fathers and mothers
were perpetrators themselves
seductive people
with low limits.

what we would have done ourselves
I want that
don’t bet anyway.

So which of us?
may throw the first stone today?

There is no one with a pure heart.

Darkness around us

A basket full of fools
We are eunuchs of time
Malicious heirs to those who die
Too cowardly to learn from our mistakes
We’d rather bequeath them.
We like to smile
But hide the dark stars
behind our dark thoughts
Summer rains
A sign and mirror of our soul.
At night we write ourselves in hell
Lustfully in love with our desire
Our ideals are long gone from us
On the horizon the end lives


ozone available
Scorched earth
Who was it that us twenty years ago
so loved
that he wrote the truth out
water available
drowned refugees
Who was it that warned us of the end?
Because he loved you
A poet?

You’re not laughing anymore!


Past and future
in the sign of hope
on the trail of despair
Homeless abroad
Expelled, lied to, seduced
Tottering over freeways
Only with the bare life just now
Others have not succeeded
What they achieve remains a mystery
They bring anger and fear with them
and expects them as well
do we help
You want to live too!
Is that asking too much of us?
We can all be their boats
arks of our conscience
If only we want it
We want?

Are we still heroes?

Where are they?
The ones we tell about
that we read about
We look in dark halls
Haven’t they ever lived?
They never gave their lives
for honor and courage
her strength and her blood
For a paradise of fantasy
It NEVER existed!
Those who are dying for it today
Your deluded heirs
Thousands are dragged into the cold grave
You are only sorry
Her madness to mourn like her victims
But we ourselves are
Who tells them the fairy tale
It says whoever kills others is a hero
You are not
And we are not
But our tears become a sea
maybe a flood
Then the world ends
and it’s all good.


Why all the innocent victims?
You don’t see it that way
You see yourself as a victim
I victim, YOU victim
Is that the mentality of our time?
Luckily I’m old
But my children are afraid
Before all the first-person shooters, comic book heroes, thriller monsters
Don’t you know this isn’t plastic blood?
You’re damn dead!
And so do we… and with us all that we desperate for
kept human.


who appreciates us
are we worth it
Some people overestimate their worth
Or that of the others too low
It’s a very human thing
Finding the balance is priceless.
But you rarely come across it.
Whether work, friendship or family
Man hardly recognizes himself
His self-image is different
than its perception by others in the room.
It’s worth thinking about
whether we always have to measure ourselves in values.
Because you’re usually only worthless
when measured by the values of others.
Which can never be the same scale anyway.
So let’s just live value-free
Then we can finally stop
to give evaluations to ourselves and others.
Ok, this is pure anarchy!
But I prefer that to a dictatorship of values.


Just go!
What should the community
We are strong alone
We don’t want to share
Our wealth, the horny
We make a mark
We don’t want to discuss anymore
We want to freeze our privileges
We are us and not you
Get out of here!
With this monster
we have fast
old size reached
We before!
So it sounds short and simple,
in every pub
But the solution to all problems
is not.

A breeze…

A touch of life
A touch of freedom
We are searching for
After a life filled
After a moment, rested
For a force that drives us
For an island where we can be who we are…
Or at least naked for two
But we don’t rest, we are driven, even by those we love
We sacrifice all our time for what?
A whiff…

We live in our imaginations
Walls of silence around us
what we don’t want to hear
does not penetrate
We doubt so loud
that we ignore love
who are always first only
dares to whisper
and that’s why we’re running way too fast
back to the old patterns
and let us seduce again and again
of what we trust…
Despite all my pain
i will always love you…
Unfortunately your love for me was
however, just a whiff…

#Always goes back

no matter where …
forgiveness is possible
Talk to each other
Forgive, explain…
but first you have to experience something
deal with being
Don’t bury yourself!

Don’t complain!

Instead, take the offensive to court yourself
A togetherness is only possible differently,
when you face your own inhibition, inhibition
A freer world is possible.
Throw away all ballast!
No more religion, no more morals, no more convention!
That’s the only reason
of fear and oppression
Come back to paradise
and dare to contradict
The apple has long since been eaten
Punishment is not a means
only love…


… the people around us
affect us
rate us
lead and seduce us
let’s dream
fall silent, cry
We lose reality
We realize the truth too late
we make mistakes
commit errors
getting worse
I’m not excluded
But always concerned
Why can only me
read between the words?
My heart weighs heavy,
my head so empty
Why only turns
the world always round?
i wish i was stupid
or rich.
Then I wouldn’t care about this madness.

Male violence

it’s not about reflexes
it’s not about guilt
it’s not about punishment
it’s about the cause
which has deep roots in ourselves.
How are we brought up and socialized?
What are we talking and dreaming about?
men like women.
White, black, yellow or brown…
Shaped by power or powerlessness.
dominance or subservience.
Are we ready to „change“?
Can we even do that?
Or is it built into our inner animal?
Only belief, morality, decency protect us from it!
Anyone who says otherwise is a fool.
Women, raise your sons differently!
Men, be models of non-violence!
Women, dare real equality,
then you don’t like to dream about rape anymore.
Love can be of any variety, but it has to be
always remain a game on both sides.
power is not sexy
if it goes over corpses, also mental ones!
Men, use your strength to protect the weaker!
Women, overthrow the despots of the world.
With gentle force
and you must do this, very soon!

Delete me…

what I write,
what I think
is only ONE human
nothing is general
nothing right.
i’m just small
and unimportant.
I can’t feel at the only truth.
I am not GOD
i am not YOU
i am not ALL
I am not WE
then what am I doing here!
I write in the air
not even on paper anymore
whatever I write, think
is just my imagination
as soon as they are written
is it true
but it never lasts.
Because I am nothing too
as biology.
Also my nicest word
has after me
no hometown anymore
so erase me in you
that’s not difficult at all.

Fuck racism!

He’s so deep inside us
without any sense.
He destroys justice
the compassion, the truth much.
He paralyzes our care
crushes our conscience.
He makes us piss on our neighbors.
We only see through white glasses
driven by envy and prejudice,
can we do the other, the foreign,
the dark, never love.
No one is free from it, I see
it and write about it, yes
in action it comes again…
Our hate is sugar porridge for us.
I do not want that!

Fuck sexism!

to venture another word
without being suspected again.
Frustrated old ugly men
are also so free in this
to type their opinion about every woman and boobs,
about what they just can’t get anymore,
but desire so much.
The self-confident woman is to blame
is feminism, this spoilsport pig.
‚Cause now they have to be nice
be patient and what else…
the old rules are for the toilet.
‚Cause every woman is a different person exactly
no more roles
even if you want it so much.
But, all this also makes you stronger,
fairer, more loving and better someday!
So embrace the learning, MAN!

Fuck capitalism!

Everyone does what they can
the exploitation of people and the world,
goes on.
No matter how much you demonstrate
you also GRETARize us!
We always want to become more, richer, bigger.
If there is nothing left, we are after all,
also no longer on earth.
we don’t have children
at least we don’t know them anymore
if they want to sit in judgment on US.
We don’t know conscience or kill it with consumption,
until the big BUUUUMMMM!

Read !

When we walk through shards in the morning
of those who are not alive
who talk bad about everything and who are to blame,
are always the others.
who feel comfortable in being unwell,
who cloud their senses,
dependent and uneducated cultivate their hatred.
To those who spend their lives with work
you strength with welfare,
give their commitment to the really weak.
That’s it, you have to read between the lines.
Do-gooders end your naivety,
read and see what the net is full of.
they let themselves be fucked
of their own stupidity and their dark fanaticism.
If you don’t read with your eyes wide open, it will soon be too late.
Writing and demonstrating against it is far from enough.
It needs a levee against this tide.
Watch and Read!
Before the enlightened West goes under.


The truth is,
we are only objects
for the purpose
and we’re not anymore
for the moment subject,
then it can go away quickly!
The truth is simple
the last dirt!

The digital loneliness

she is new
and far,
widespread and shy.
Especially ugly
and unfaithful.
She is full of longing
and daring,
not just male
and bad.
she is brave
and unreal
she is dreamy
and banal.
she is just

Be human

When do you learn that?
Only in the encounter with one’s own reflection,
in the eyes of others.
But not everyone understands
what you see there.
Not all resist the vain trap.
Ridicule alone can set us free.
The power, the radiance, the voice that creates us,
is never enough for most
sometimes even hated.
That’s when the self-deception about one’s own ego begins.
So we remain a ghost
an actor, a tyll,
only catch success very quickly.
In truth, however, life is still.

Reflection and illusion

can we do that Not many, because too much
own perception has only weight.
Hurt feelings do the rest for us.
When can we think and act freely?
Maybe man never can.
Maybe he’s playing a game too
and is only an innocent figure.
But why do we think so differently about the same thing?
Already the generations here
apart from race, religion and nationality.
It’s all just conditioning
why can’t you see it for yourself?!
Our intelligence is also a pestilence,
who shows us the truth
where our longings rule alone
and all sensible solutions in
freeze to our stubbornness.
In fact, it’s always winter here
and so we can all only lose
as long as nobody learns to really reflect.

Dream images

what we see in ourselves
is the mirror we shine on others.
what we feel inside ourselves
is the feeling we draw from others.
But it’s never enough
we always dream of more…
Of being more beautiful, good and pure.
But our reality is a struggle
a constant discomfort in the skin,
in which we are stuck.
Only love can discover us there.
She will awaken something in us
what we don’t want to be
what we never knew about ourselves.
Something full of courage, beauty
and passion,
what else never made the jump
creates from our dreams.
But it is possible and true
if you just for the moment
displaces all rules and constraints
and only the true nature feels in itself,
to be human
just woman and man.


They tell us what protects us
maybe also what helps us to survive.
The impacts are getting closer
but we roll our eyes
and don’t want to believe the danger.
who just sits at home
just feels so useless.
Especially when others can.
So this protection is not fair.
We want to decide for ourselves
what we suffer from.
Since this situation is no different,
just more aware of all of us.
We’ve always been flinging through life
full throttle, full of drugs and risk.
this is what we miss
especially those who are alone
who live by life
the all after fulfillment,
striving for meaning in it.
We all have to move
so that we can see that we…
actually floating.

Let’s be loud…

Quiet works in us,
holds our favor
what we fought for and understood.
loud screams in us,
sometimes the wrong
when we are disappointed and hurt.
Because everything is part of the whole,
you can’t dance on one leg.
What we like has to fall into place
in discovering.
If we want passion
let the pain not frighten us.
He is beautiful by choice
if we dare to lead
to let go of the bondage in us,
to banish the silence.
the lust for life,
to live and
small sharp screams,
to give from us.

Lost places

where you originated
one is always connected.
Even if you get there sometime
has not found itself.
People and places are lost.
Only words, thoughts remain…
that are sometimes frozen
mummies and forever child.
Wherever we go
they remain in us and leave behind
traces of memory.
I am what I was and hold
everything in me, the joy, the pain,
the lust and the loss, in the heart.
What I keep, the rooms
in me, through their doors,
one day my soul will gallop out
and then what really matters
understand the merciless wheel of the world
and with fear and humility,
go from my place in the universe.

We haven’t done enough!

Now we’re paying the price
Now the convenience is gone
The window dressing.
No one can deny anymore
what seems inevitable
the change is here.
Even if we don’t care
don’t think you can have a say
we can’t look away anymore
When other people’s dreams burn up
Ours will be next!
Nobody can only look at themselves anymore
trust in his luck.
No one is allowed to make excuses too old or young,
no one too powerless to give.
Only together and with great force,
are we strong enough
Let’s get rid of false leaders now.
Those stupid and just selfish people
finally out of power.
And it is time and yet much too late, together
to understand that we all need to change
so as not to go down together.

The unteachable

No matter what happens,
what really threatens the world
Your empathy for others is stone dead!
you only see yourself
you only live alone
in your own inflated existence.
You demonstrate and walk
and confronts reality,
in your head and even more so in everyday life
from all …
Suddenly, weirdos are so important!
Be and think differently, at any cost
and shit.
You are not too bad
to pay homage to the dictators
in your world picture black and white.
So the poison seeps into everyone
you like to let this brain virus into you.
This will be the end of freedom and
be humanity.
On the other hand, you are not free, but
caught in your errors!
And so you will go straight to hell.
Then you can complain and worry forever.

© Alle Texte und Ideen sind geistiges
Eigentum von Ludger Christian Albrecht (Luc A.)