Magic Poetry 2005/6 (engl.)

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On my way to new blue jazz

Fuck it!
Start of new literature life
Deep out of my soul
From the dark love to the light words
I will sing you
I will be the priest of help
For me and at least for everybody
Find the foreign language
Find the new tongue
Out of my old roots
Into a new sky of literature diamonds
Fuck all hope
Begin of being godfather of the new blue jazz
Call it NBJ
The future will remember me
I know it.

Strait words

Little boy is join his new life
Little boy is boy
Strait boy
………. helpless
Windy life
Remember in time
Waiting for my first words
Make this own words
Boy words
Strait words
Strong words
Build his own life
And turn around.

Dark mind

There is a tornado in my mind
Dark and full of water
Our heads over the water
sing the song of hope
But we know it is always hope
Better than nothing
Better a dark mind,
as an empty mind
This is sure the reality, isn’t it?


Search in time
Look for the future
What will be in 2009?
For U and for us 2
there is no way to find our sky-castle
But if it was so
I’ll be nervous now
Very nervous
Because all surprise will gone away
And surprise is killing me, but it’s great
Like a drug
It makes me creative
In my own bad way
The future will show it.

The black knight

Black knight
In the English period
Looking for a jazz sky,
a blues mind
and the beat in my fingers
Fighting for the right of dreaming
Waiting for being Shakespeare
A fabulous poet out of reality
In reality I have colors in my soul
More than everyone
You can read them and steal it
For your happiness
Do it, I allow it to you
Because I am the “Black Knight”
It’s criminal to be on my side.

Bad world

Everything you do is always the wrong way
for the goods
Only the bad man win the match
If you’re not bad,
you’re must be very stupid.


Flying words
Out of my mouth
Out of my hart
Will find you everywhere
And will bring your hart back to me
Like an one eye twin
That’s love
Out of home

Where is my new home
It is where I wrote my words for you
It is where I think about you and me
It is where my hart beat for our future
My home is your luck and my inspiration.

New thinking

In this language I can find so many bad words for war
I can find so many war words
Because in this times
I hear so many war words in this language
I knew where I speak from,
because I come from a nation who learn to hate the war after the end.

Is it good?

Someone think it is to good for us
But FRIEDEN sounds like peace
It is the same language in our harts
You should remember.

No more meat

more books
only vegetables
more silence
more words
more fruits
more love.

Lucky punch

mad world
on my way to difference
lonely cowboy
while you’re very nervous
and loud
everybody in this world, will hear you
like a big frog, alone in the big lake
And now!
I make my greatest punch
from now on, no more wrong hope
you will see, I make my way.

Fire & water

the mouth in fire
look for heir ideals
after the dead days
some magic
between the words
some magic
in the air around us
but so many dead men
in southeast Asia
and Africa
money can help
but we’re really helpless
against our own nature
we all will swim in the new year
it’s wet and cold
but our mouth is dry
after this horror.

My way

more fine words
more jazz
more sex in my soul
no one can help me
than i do it by myself
it’s the right time
to paint pictures on the life wall
to wrote the words in the air:
I’ll find my own new way
My blue way
My jazz.

Kraut English

The dogs are afraid
The cat feel it
Our old home is not the same
Our new home is waiting like a snake
And we fall down in a new time
Our heads, our harts and everything else too
We swim in falling water
After we will jump from the high cliff
With foreign word on our lips…
Its sounds like hope
This is my new mother literature language.

New life

New Place
New Palace
New Home
Look in the enemy darkness
Everybody see I’m writing
Between the last Christmas lights in the window
New Feeling
New life
Waiting for normality
But hope of a better time
In a better place.


Between it
Looking out of both ends
And laughing
IN it
It feels like a sheep
Warm and big around me
I’m ON
I’m flying…

Looking forward for lucky days

Waiting for inspiration
Waiting for a wonder
Wonder about the world
Looking out of our new home
And being afraid about the future.

There are pictures in the library
Showing places (ORTE)
Showing miracle places
Called libraries
Libraries of the world.

Looking forward for nice places in my head
Siting and waiting for them
Perhaps this is one
I believe in it
I believe in our luck.

Black zone

Lonely boy
in the bloody world
in the darkness
in the life killing hopeless
Waiting for the big bang
And waiting
Since years
But in one moment, everything will be forgotten
Than we are rich
Very big rich
I knew it
Our time will come…
And than we leave the black zone around us for ever.

Back to godfather

I feel him
He help us
Without of any reason
And isn’t it this what they call LOVE?
All over the world
I think it is
I know it is
Today I feel him
He help us

But I forget not the many days of my emptiness and his silence.

We feel us booth
Side by side
Like brothers
Godfather and I.


No panic
On the titanic
Deep, deeper!
No time for love
Everybody jump in the very cold water
And than the world goes wet
After a long time the captain wake up
He is in his bed
Calls ocean.


Over the Blackwood Forest
Cash-flow for me
This is my very first wish
But no way for wonders
No way for the happy end
It fall under the table.

Black clouds on the horizon
White wind in my ears
Earthquake under our feet’s
Mother earth play with us
Make us wake up!

And we going down on the river
Singing this old songs
For freedom
and peace
For more luck and fine spirit.


Their is a sheep on the street
Their is a car not so far
The sheep is dreaming from nobody knows
The car driver cleaning his big nose…


Pictures of the past
look into my own younger faces…
It’s hard and great together
It’s like old butter in the corner
Perhaps trash
Perhaps culture
But I am the only own
Where is the next bridge?!
I knew I am nothing
But the world in future
will be rich.


No more cake anymore
For the little
What ever they say
I can’t do it for the babies
I hat cakes
I hat rain
I hat rain and cakes together
Forget the day
It’s lost in the universe
For me and the dogs too.


I prey for luck
not for me
it’s for love
for you and me

I prey for life
not for me
it’s for the little be
for a fine life fee

I prey for help
not for me
it’s for more adjustment
for a better world

I swear it will be!

Word rap

love is over you
love is over you
love is over you

And I fuck U
And I hat U
And I fake U
And I beat U

This is my bad party
for you

In the dark world of my dreams
Ha, ha, ha !!!
You’ve no words any more.
Trough the cevenns
with 4 monkeys

Big stones
apple trees
nut trees
dry vegetation
this are the hills over the see calls cevennes
And I take my holidays
here with 4 monkeys
I must be an idiot
But the happiest one in the world.

The last waltz

Going down to the river
The river is waiting for us
Going up to the top
The way is far an a flop.

Dance the last waltz
Dance it,it,it,it !!!!
Fuck world
Why do always the biggest win ?!
Why is their not al little bit luck for us?

I cry, I cry, Oh I cry !
But nothing is done
Noting is come
The music will be end
And I find myself down the river
The river will be long
And I sleep in the river
And the life will be gone.


Second chance
To Go in heaven
All drop me done
All sky fall on me and the stars too
Last chance
To Wait in heaven
To be afraid for myself
This is my own bullshit
Let’s go out in the dessert
And show them who you’re
Do it boy and eat grass.


I say
Go on and fly
I say
Fly before you die
I hope
You here my words
I prey
It hurts in your hard
Than I reach the sky
And forever I fly.

The death of a friend

The death of the cat
he was born 15 years back

You show on a great life
Last week you was only five
What’s happens my friend
now you’re a ghost of yourself, a mouse in my hand
I think you know,
it’s time for you to go
to the cat-sky

And we will stay at your latest day, far far away
With tears in our eyes
And say Good by!

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